Moblink Unblock Facebook & Twitter for Blackberry | InfoZonePK

Mobilink has unblocked many social networking apps including Facebook & Twitter which were blocked since May 2010 for Blackberry customers.

Mobilink managed to restore applications for Blackberry users after developing a content filtering solution which blocks specific pages of a website, company’s director of public relations and corporate social responsibility Omer Manzoor told in a Press Conference. Mobilink Blackberry users now can access intenet and use the apps Facebook and Twitter from their smart phones. Mobilink is not only the company to develop a content filtering solution for its customers but Ufone also provide such solution to its BB users after consulting with Research In Motion -Canada- based manufacturer of Blackberry -in Last December.

The apps were blocked in May 2010 by the PTA for the websites like Facebook and others containing blasphemous content across Pakistan. PTA lifted ban from Facebook but directed companies to block such contents permanently that contain blasphemous materials.