Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Head Drive for desktop PCs | InfoZonePK

Seagate introduced Barracuda XT 3TB hard drive which has highest desktop storage capacity besides featuring easiest to deploy 3TB desktop drive which eliminated the requirement of purchasing and installing extra hardware or software to overcome 2.1 TB capacity barrier. Barracuda XT 3TB hard drive operates at 7200RPM and has 64 MB cache and this 3TB hard drive has 6 GB/Sec SATA interface.

Older operating systems like Windows XP and lagacy BIOS has a limitation of  using hard drive more than 2.1 TB capacity, solution for which is newer UEFI BIOS and latest operating system. But Barracuda XT comes with Seagate DiscWizard which will enable lagacy system to use Seagate 3 TB hard drive’s full capacity without worries.