Qubee Reward for Loyalty Records | InfoZonePK

Qubee gives reward to its valuable customers for Loyalty Records. The QClub is a customer Reward Program that provides Qubee users with  multiple benefits based in their length of usage with Qubee, details are here:


  • Customers who have been using Qubee from 3 to 6 months are grouped as Qneu.
  • Customers who have been using Qubee from 6 to 12 months are grouped as Qguru.
  • Customers who have been using Qubee for over 12 months are grouped as Qroyal.
  • This is a self subscribed program, any customer failing in the above mentioned categories will automatically become a part of the program and will be entitled to the QClub Reward.
  • All customers who are using Qubee servics for more than 3 months are eligible for the QClub Reward Program.
  • To continue enjoying benefits & prizes from the Qubee Qclub, members should continue to pay their monthly bills on time during the billing month at the mentioned due date.
  • If a customer has reconnected his.her Qubee services after complete disconnection than their tenure with Qubee will be started from first month of reconnection.
  • Customers who have been using Qubee services for over 18 months can enjoy 40% additional volume on their package along with bonus benefits for life.
  • Qubee reserves the right to change/modify/terminate/extand any offer/promotion without any prior notice.

Reward Details:

Qneu: 3 – 6 monts, 10% additional volume

Qguru: 6 – 12 months, 20% additional volume

Qroyal: 12 months onward, 40% additional volume

* Extra volume is calculated on the base package