ZTE and Huawie to start Smart Phones Shared Business | InfoZonePK

The two big business tycoons of Telecom sector, ZTE and Huawei have decided to strengthen their business by improving the market share in smartphone market, so want to make lower price handsets for the people.

As in the current age smartphones are most popular in in mobile phones market so they decided to start a shared business for cell phones in smartphone market as Samsung and iPhone are already leading in this market.

Huawie is already in the cell phone business. Last year it shipped $ 20 million smartphones globally, which is five times higher than the earlier figure and earned $6.8 billion from the customer business.

On the other hand, ZTE also has set the goal of 80 million cell phones sale in 2012. It is already in business as its Blade smartphone is already the second bestselling WCDMA phone in China. Company is expecting double sale than previous year after getting the market shares in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan.