Zong signs MoU with Cybernet | InfoZonePK

Zong has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cybernet for providing services including dedicated voice service to their valued customers, it was said by the company sources.

Premium Voice Services will allow customers to access local and long distance carrier through a dedicated circuit. Through offering a high quality and dedicated voice services at most economcal call rates, Zong wants to ensure that its enterprise customers are meeting their ever increasing demand to communicate while lowering their telecomunication costs.

Fan YunJun, CEO of Zong says, “Zong has succcessfully managed to become the digital partner of Pakistani people’s life. We are proude of this fact and thank our customers for their trust and loyalty. To reciprocate we will continue providing our customers with high-performance connection and reliable network. For this reason we have partnered with Cybernet in order to achieve our goals”.

Both companies look forward to a stronger alliance and to capitalize on each other’s strengths in mobile and fixed line.