Get IM Notifications in Skype When You Required | InfoZonePK

Now a days we use Skype in offices as well as in homes and we make a lot of friends andSkype also make group chat with friends as it is great a way having fun and get notified of the entire tasks around in an office environment. But sometime we are busy in our office work and don’t like to get group chat notifications and we sign out from Skype. In this situation you don’t need to sign out from your Skype account.

The solution is IM Notification Settings particular for that conversation. You can set IM Notification Settings in that Conversation Group, for that, in that particular conversation, go to menu conversation and select Notification Settings. No select the option ‘Notify me only when these words are mentioned:’ and type words which you want to set for only those words Skype will alert you with sound and visual notification and will quite all other chat messages. Those word which you want to be get notifies on could be your name, or word ‘hello’ or you there’. So keep doing your important tasks while in a smart way get notifies of any important message for you in your friends/team group chat.