Western Digital S25 3rd Generation SAS Hard Drive | InfoZonePK

Western Digital launches its third generation S25 series SDS hard drive for the performance-optimized, mission-critical enterprise server and storage market. the 2.5 inches S25 uses SAS 6Gbps interface and operates at 10,000RPM with 32MB of cache. it is available in 300GB, GB, 600GB and 900GB capacities.

The new S25 SAS drive offers up to 204MB/s sustained sequential data rates. The drive has a low power consumption, requiring less than 8 watts to operate and have a 2.0 M hour MTBF rating- the industry’s highest. The WD S25 also includes support for T10 Protection Information (PI) for advanced data integrity. WD also releases optional models that features drive-level self-encryption that meets the Trusted Computing Group’s specification for Enterprise Class A encryption.


  • WD9001BKHG  – 900GB
  • WD6001BKHG  – 600GB
  • WD4501BKHG  – 450GB
  • WD3001BKHG – 300GB