Apple Might Make Future iPhone Entirely of Glass | InfoZonePK

It will be interesting to see future iPhone essentially made out of glass. Even now iPhone fans and Apple enthusiasts are exited about the type of material iPhone is made from. Though there have been expressed severe environmental concerns regarding the kind of material from which an iPhone is manufactured and how it is discarded once done with.

Recently, Apple has reportedly filed a patent application for an handheld device that has a case made of only glass. The material is said to be radio transparent and it could be made water resistant too. The past where iPhone 4S lag behind his new cased iPhone is that they have two pieces of glass, but it is inside a steel frame.

Surely, having a glass case is something that is one of the many features Apple would want to market its next product ith and who knows, may be like, Siri, which has already received a lot of claim against its advertised performance, the glass-made iPhone might well not have anything other than that physical feature.