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When we were kids, we ask loads of questions to our elders. Sometime we get replies and sometimes we are told that we are too young to understand. But our earlyquestions consist of what we see in our surroundings. They are hardly about what happened before we were born or in the year that we were born.

When grow up, we learn through schooling and studies little things about this world, its people and life. But now, that are here surfing around finding out things for yourself, what better website to avail that What Happened In My Birth Year to know what happened the year you were born. The website though is an American, hence most things might not be so relevant to people from other countries. However, there are certain general facts about different things which would be of interest to everyone. Like that of universe, space exploration, history, events, Hollywood, music, art and inventions.

Here below is the website address: