Zong Offers Free Calls on Recharge to New Subscribers and Port-in Number | InfoZonePK

Zong offers free calls to all new subscribers and port-in numbers after recharge of Rs. 100.

All new Zong subscribers and port-in numbers can avail this offer to call free from Zong to Zong at recharge of Rs. 100 from 6AM to 6PM daily till next 30 days and the offer is valid till 10th December, 2012.

 This offer is offer is for all new prepaid activations including port-ins (MNP). If the subscriber meet the recharge criteria and fall under the eligible subscribers’ domain, he or she will get Sixer Offer for free next 30 days. Balance of Rs. 100 (all applicable taxes will be deducted) shall remain in place however subscribers will get SIXER Offer for free for next 30 days.

Note: Customers can not subscribe LBC once they get this SIXER Offer. They have to call 310 to get this 30 day Sixer Offer deactivated. Once it is deactivated, they may subscribe LBC as per need.