Wi-tribe Announced the Results of PDC 2012 and its Winners | InfoZonePK

Wi-tribe announced the results of Pakistan Developers Challenge (PDC) 2012 and its lucky winners.

In April of this year, Wi-tibe launches Pakistan Developers Challenge (PDC) 2012 with the partnership of Microsoft, HEC, Intel, P@SHA and Dell for the young minds of Pakistani students, graduates, aspiring developers and virtually anyone to create and complete with their own PC and Mobile software applications.

All the participant have to made any Windows desktop or Mobile App and send it to specified given address to take part in the competition.

PDC 2012 Grand Prize of Rs. 100,000 is given to Muhammad Rizwan Ul Haq agianst the developed software of Al Quran Audio.

Highest number of submissions from an institute were from Allama Iqbal Open University and it is also awarded Rs. 100,000.

All other winners with their software and winning prize is given below:

You can also view the results of Wi-tribe website here.

Wi-tribe congratulates to all the lucky winners of PDC 2012.