PTCL Offers Jadoo Box as a Mandatory for 2Mbps and above DSL Subscribers | InfoZonePK

PTCL always introduced new packages and devices for its valued customers as before it introduced its most advanced device Wingle that is the Pakistan’s first WiFi enabled USB.  The Jadoo Box that was introduced in February 2012 that provides combines the benefits of DSL and Wireless broadband. Now this service has becomes a mandatory for all 2MB or above DSL subscribers.


‘Jadoo Box’ is a novelty device which provides uninterrupted connectivity by using wired DSL as a primary connection while wireless connectivity as a backup. This device has been designed to provide connectivity for PSTN, Broadband and Wireless Broadband.

PTCL offers the uninterrupted connectivity needs of our customers by providing them this unique solution which will help establish PTCL as the converged solutions company for its users.

Package Details:

1. Jadoo Box as standard DSL CEP for all 2Mbps and above customers:

  • New Monthly charges for 2Mbps will be Rs. 1,549 and 4Mbps will be Rs. 2,100
  • Monthly Charges for 6 Mbps and above will remain the same
  • All standard DSL Modem policies will be applicable
  • EVO devices will not be provided with the Package
  • Customer will use his exciting EVO or buy a new one separately
  • For all 2Mbps and above new connections Rs. 500 extra will be charged one time in addition to the Installation charges

2. Jadoo Box Optional for DSL Customers with speed lower than 2Mbps:

  • Rs. 1.000 extra will be charged in case customer wants Jadoo Box in place for the normal DSL WiFi Modem
  • All Standard DSL Modem policies will be applicable
  • EVO devices will not provided with the Package
  • Customers will use exciting EVO or buy a new one separately