Phone Calls, SMS and Emails Should be Monitored or Not? [Poll] | InfoZonePK

Last week National Assembly passed Fair Trial Bill 2012 by which Phone Calls, SMSMobileMonitoring and Emails would be monitored for the evidence against criminal elements. All the Intelligence, Law and Enforcement agencies would be allowed from now the monitor and track mobile and internet communication of the people.

The Govt said that new technology will be used in the fair trial of criminal element and these communication would be used as evidence against such elements including terrorists. The chief of any agency would take permission from high court to start fair trial of a criminal person and will track its all mobile and internet communication.

On one side this would be positive impact for the criminal’s trial as well as they would get punishment from the court but on the other hand this bill is under criticism by many segments of society that it is against the basic human rights and there would not be any privacy of general public. Now every communication would be monitor and privacy of people would be effect.

I have created a poll that do you support Fair Trial Bill 2012 to allow monitor Phone Calls, SMS and Emails.

Give your opinion in the following poll: