Instagram Launches Web Feed | InfoZonePK

At the time of launch of Instagram, the only web presence the company had was a single page for each of the image that you uploaded from their web app and nothing else. Remember blog is not counted in it. This was rectified a few months ago, when they release web profiles, that allowed you to check full profile of users on the website with all their pictures.


Now, Instagram has finally launched an online web feed, which, of the first time, lets users see their timeline on the web without having to use the mobile app.

The web feed is just what you’d expect. Images from the people you follow appear in a vertical column and you can like as well as comment on them. The web page is responsive, so you can reduce the width and the content flows automatically and fits the page to resemble the mobile app. The only functionality missing from the web version compared to the mobile apps is that you cannot upload any images because Instagram believes the service is about producing photos on the go. As before, you can click user profiles to see all their images on one page.

If you have an Instagram account, you can check out your web feed here: