PTCL Brings Reconnect Landline Offer | InfoZonePK


PTCL brings a reconnect campaign by which all those customers who discontinued their usage of PTCL Landline can activate their landline number for free just by paying 50% of their remaining dues.

Reconnect Offer Details:

  • Free Installation/Restoration and you can save Rs. 750
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls of Rs. 250 per month till December 2013
  • Zero Line Rent
  • 50% Discount on Outstanding PTCL dues
  • If you had a Broadband connection and want to reconnect your Broadband connection also, then there will be no Broadband Restoration or Installation charges. This will mean a saving of Rs. 1000

Who is Eligible for Reconnect Landline Offer?

All customers who have disconnected their PTCL Landline connection before 31st of January 2013, either voluntarily or because of non-payment of PTCL bills in the past will be eligible for this offer. In addition to this, Double Play customers can also reconnect their Broadband services along with their Landline Services without any Reconnect charges.

How to Avail Reconnect Landline Offer?

You can avail this offer by calling 0800-80800 or visiting nearest PTCL One Step Shop (OSS). In case there is no OSS near in your area, you can visit the nearest PTCL Exchange. The PTCL representative will guide you further.

Key Features of PTCL Landline:

  • PTCL Landline offers crystal clear voice quality with reliability and the most economical calls rates
  • PTCL Landline offers Free On-Net Calls on Sundays
  • PTCL Landline offers affordable Call Packages
  • PTCL Landline has the largest network spread across the country