Mozilla Released Firefox 19 with Built-in PDF Reader | InfoZonePK

Mozilla has released version 19 of the world’s most popular Firefox webs browser. Thefirefox19 biggest change in this update is the inclusion of a PDF reader, such as the one in Chrome. This means you no longer have to rely on something like Adobe Reader to be able to view PDF files within the browser.

There is a PDF view of Firefox 19 web browser in the below picture which shows the PDF viewer look. You have various options such as zoom settings and the ability to print or download the file. On the left, you can also view the pages within the file in thumbnails or list view.


Other than that there are the usual performance updates and bug fixes.

As usual, the Android version was also simultaneously updated with the desktop version, with support for themes and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese localizations being added.

You can see more details by clicking this link.