Telenor to Invest in Smartphone Manufacturing in Pakistan | InfoZonePK

The Executive Vice-President of Telenor Group, Rolv-Erik Spilling stated in telenoran interview that Pakistan is a market of over 30 million customers and plays a vital tole in our international spectrum of business. He stated that the company wishes to interact with the population at a personal level, providing them local content and that they would rather bombarding them with material content from abroad.

In an attempt to diversity in the Pakistani market, Telenor Digital Services is investing in sectors other than telecommunication like financial services (Easypais) business software services, machine-to-machine services, eCommerce services and consumer-oriented content services. Though the internet penetration is not that high in the country, it will not be the case in future.

He further said, Telenor also plans to launch another investment initiative that would involve the company participating in smartphone manufacture to being innovation and accessibility to the people of the region. In a vision for bringing in something new, Telenor is of the opinion that the penetration of cheap smartphones in the market can be utilized very effectively if someone like us is willing to risk it. If an ecosystem is brought in Pakistan that would allow the customer to obtain a loan to buy a smartphone, have it insured, and then have access to local music or content and be able to make payments for it through banking solutions, then the market is mature enough to accept it, rather revere it.