Zong Employees Spend a Day with Mentally Challenged Children | InfoZonePK


Zong employees recently visited Chambeli Institute of Mentally Challenged Children and Physiotherapy Center located in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi under Corporate Volunteerism Programme. The Institute has around 50 special children enrolled in it and has a staff of 20 people to manage and help with these children.

It was a full day event which comprised of many fun filled activities like face painting, musical chairs, tableau by children, 3-legged race, spoon & ball race and dancing competition. Children participated with great enthusiasm while volunteers from Zong compassionately arranged all these activities with help of the institute’s staff. 

Children also watched a cartoon movie on the multimedia and later on excitedly received gifts, food items and goodie bags which were being distributed by Zong employees. Each child was presented stationery items, coloring box set, glitter pens and coloring books along with scrumptious delights to make this day a memorable one for them.

By organizing such activities Zong is not only integrating CSR best practices by promoting community service among its employees but is also mentoring them to become better future leaders. Their first hand exposure to the opportunities, challenges and conditions of community members will inform their actions as they move to become mentors and decision makers. The basic philosophy behind this program is to encourage and support Zong family members to perform community services, generating benefits for themselves, the Company and the community.