Qtel Group ‘Buzz’ Links Wi-tribe Employees with its Sister Companies Globally | InfoZonePK

After connecting people across the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Africawi-tribe-buzz through its exceptional broadband and communication services, wi-tribe’s parent company, Qtel Group has launched Buzz, a Group intranet connecting employees across its operational companies across the globe with an objective for them to learn more, share more and connect more.

Launched at an internal ceremony on Tuesday at the wi-tribe Head Office in Islamabad, Buzz was unveiled by wi-tribe CEO Wasim Ahmad in front of all wi-tribe employees, connected across its regions through video link, a tool regularly employed by wi-tribe for face-to-face communication with its employees.

During a presentation, wi-tribe’s Director Human Capital, Alia Zafar highlighted Buzz’s purpose, functionalists and benefits, encouraging employees to update their ready-to-access profiles for professional networking and information sharing throughout the Qtel Group. Providing information about all operational companies of the Qtel Group, it also features QG careers, where employees can apply for positions within the Qtel Group, accessible blogs, workspaces, news and events’ updates, note board and an efficient search capability among others.

Speaking at the event, Alia Zafar proud of wi-tribe’s contribution towards its development said, “Beyond networking, Buzz offers insights into the cultures of the countries Qtel Group operates in, allowing all employees the chance to increase understanding and enhance collaborations on projects. The Group intranet has an interactive blog for engaging employees in one-on-one communication, increasing interest within it and giving employees a sense of belonging. We see many wi-tribers taking initiative to work within the Group and contributing significantly not just as wi-tribe employees but showcasing the potential of the Pakistan market. We are extremely proud of the abundant talent at wi-tribe Pakistan.”