Research on Sustainable Housing on the Rise in Emerging Markets | InfoZonePK


Asia and Latin America are undergoing an eco-revolution, with new research revealing demand for sustainable homes in these emerging markets is skyrocketing.

Global property portal Lamudi has today released new data into attitudes towards sustainability and green living in the emerging markets. The analysis of more than half a million property listings from the Lamudi website reveals that Pakistan is the leading emerging country for green homes and sustainable office space.

With more than 16,700 property listings that include eco features, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of environmentally-friendly homes listed on its website over the past six months. Lamudi Pakistan has recently crossed 100,000 active property listings, almost 17% of which are fully or partially eco-friendly.

In Bangladesh, the number of eco-homes on the Lamudi website has increased by 420% in the last six months, in line with increasing local demand for sustainable housing. With over 7000 eco-friendly listings, house-hunters in Bangladesh have more choice than ever when it comes to sustainable living. Myanmar has also seen an increase in the number of sustainable houses on the market locally, with now listing 2700 eco-friendly homes.

There has also been a steady increase of sustainable homes in Latin America, with Mexico reaching 6000 eco-home listings this month. The number of fully or partially sustainable homes on the Lamudi Mexico website has increased by 340% in the past six months.

Lamudi’s Global Co-Founder and Managing Director Paul Philipp Hermann said: “Many of us assume that environmental and sustainability concerns are not important to house-hunters in the emerging markets. This new research debunks that theory.

The supply of sustainable houses in Asia and Latin America is rapidly increasing, which indicates the shift in attitudes towards green living that is occurring in these regions. With the fast-paced economic development now underway in these countries, it is just a matter of time before they outgrow their neighbours in terms of the supply of sustainable homes.”

Other countries dominating in the supply of fully or partially sustainable homes include Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, the research found.