Top Laptop Online Buying Mistakes to Avoid | InfoZonePK


Online shopping has gradually picked up pace in Pakistan owing to its limitless advantages. People can simply shop latest in apparel, electronics, toys, books and other genres of products online, sitting at home or even in the office. Cash is paid on delivery which does not include transportation cost as shipping is usually free. Still, shopping online can be a tad bit tricky.For Items like laptops and cells phones one needs to be absolutely sure before making the purchase. You need to know which model to buy, where will you be buying it from, what price will you be paying it for and what is its actual market price? It is only after you have decided on these things that you can go ahead with the purchase. Some of the common mistake people make while shopping for laptops are listed below

Size of the Laptop:

Before making the purchase decision it is very important that you know what will be the right size of a laptop for you. If you intend to keep laptop at a single place, or if you use it for image editing and designing then it’ll be a good idea to buy a laptop with bigger screen. These laptops don’t just have large screen but also wider keyboards so that you don’t feel cramped. For a frequent traveler however a smaller more compact laptop is a better option. The best lightweight laptop these days have to be MacBook air.

Ports in a Laptop:

In race to make more compact, more concentrated products, many companies are trimming on laptop ports.  A typical laptop today consists of a maximum of three usb ports, one port for headphones and microphone. Due to common use of wifi, there are also a few laptops which have dropped Ethernet altogether. So while buying a laptop pay attention to what ports that particular item has.

Price of the Laptop:

The most common mistake we tend to fall for are price cuts. Buying the cheapest available model is never a good idea. Discounted laptops may have the features you require but they generally lack longevity, the quality of such laptops is also very poor, with problems in user interface and many such hidden issues which only come to your notice once you start using the laptop.

The Bottom Line:

A laptop is like going to be used for at least 3 years if not more so take your time. Buy your laptop from a credible source only. In Pakistan, many a times what you see online and what is delivered to you are two separate things. Some tested and tried online stores you can rely on are websites like and symbios. Even before the purchase browse through Dell, Accer, Lenovo and HP laptops with a complete list of detailed features in those laptops. Make a list of needs, and check it twice; the effort will pay off.