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LTE Handset_Discount_Offer

Warid Telecom which has recently launched its official 4G LTE services in Pakistan has collaborated with Bank Alfalah to offer both Postpaid customers and Bank Alfalah Credit Card holders a simple installment plan with 0% mark up.

Now customers can own any LTE enabled smartphone instantly and pay later in small monthly installments, making their purchase highly convenient. Warid makes experience much more enjoyable with unlimited LTE Mobile Internet for up to one year with every purchase.

Following are the LTE enabled handsets offered by Warid with details of installment of 6 and 12 month basis:

Model Model Code 6 Monthly Plan – Per Month Installment 12 Monthly Plan – Per Month Installment
Huawei P7 8,207 4,503
Galaxy  ALPHA G850F 12,902 6,851
Galaxy Note 4 SAMGN4LTE 15,513 8,157
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact 9,659 5,229
Sony Xperia Z1 9,599 5,199
Sony Xperia Z3 14,025 7,413
Nokia Lumia 1520 10,617 5,708

6 Monthly Plan includes 8 GB / month free internet for 6 months
12 Monthly Plan includes 8 GB / month free internet for 12 months

Call Bank Alfalah Helpline: 111-225-111

Terms and Conditions:

  • No additional charges for LTE SIM or Mobile Internet apply
  • Unlimited LTE Internet will be provided for 6 or 12 months, depending on the plan selected by the customer
  • Fair Usage Policy of 8 GB / month applies
  • This offer is only valid for Postpaid customers
  • Subscriber should be a current Bank Alfalah Credit Card holder
  • Prepaid customers will have to convert to Warid Postpaid to avail the offer
  • Port-in customers can avail the offer after porting in to Warid Postpaid
  • Warid will not provide any post-sale handset related services
  • Every smartphone comes with Valid Guarantee Card provided by the vendor
  • In case of issues and queries, the customers will have to contact the vendor