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Carmudi Valentine's Day

Apparently some men put a price tag on their girlfriends. And it’s not always as high as the price of a car. In fact, a great deal of men are willing to ditch their girlfriends for reasons as vain as ‘a car is easier to maintain than a girlfriend’, or that ‘unlike a girl, a car can’t talk’. Carmudi, known to be the most convenient way to buy and sell cars, has conducted an extensive survey across Asia, Africa and Middle East to find out what type of cars men are willing to ditch their girlfriends for. The results are absolutely astounding. Take a look!

BMW 3 Series (Worth $33,900):

Wheels over heels: 40 out of 100 men in Bangladesh would easily ditch their girlfriend for a BMW-3 series

38 out of 100 men in the Philippines would do the same

Only a miniscule 5% of men in Sri Lanka would do such a thing

Love wrecking motives of men

“I prefer the BMW as it is probably smarter and a much bigger social status symbol.”

“The 3-series will catch the attention of lots of girls – Lose one, win a lot more!”

“A BMW 3-series is sexy enough to seduce me.”  

“Would totally ditch a gf, this car is a babe magnet!”

Honda CR-V (Worth $24,325):

Wheels over heels: 37 out of 100 Tanzanian men picked the Honda CR-V over their girlfriend

25 out of 100 men in Ghana and Myanmar also opted for the Honda CR-V rather than their girlfriend

The Honda CR-V did not tempt most men in Senegal with only 7% willing to ditch their girlfriend for this car

Love wrecking motives of men

“Yes, give me the Honda! It’s easier to find a girlfriend than getting a car!”

“The CR-V is probably a lot less complicated compared to a girl”

“The CR-V will make me look more manly! Of course girls are gonna come after me!”.

“Luxurious, affordable, and way more convenient to have than my gf!”

Toyota Corolla ($17,725):

Wheels over heels: 27 out of 100 Indonesian men would leave their girlfriends for a Toyota Corolla

Taking second place, 26% of men in Tanzania would gladly take the Corolla and leave their girlfriend

Only a mere 2% of men in Pakistan would leave their sweethearts for a Corolla

Love wrecking motives of men

“Unlike a girl, a Corolla is efficient and reliable!”

“I would choose any car for free over a girl.”

“The Corolla would be easier to handle than my girlfriend.”

“Give me the Corolla! It’s probably cheaper to have than my girlfriend.”

Ferrari LaFerrari ($1,350,000):

Wheels over heels: A whopping 65 out of 100 men in Middle East would most definitely ditch their relationship for the LaFerrari!

Coming in second, 62 out of 100 men in the Philippines would leave their beloved for the red beauty!

Shockingly, only 8% of men in Tanzania would ditch their girlfriend for the beautiful LaFerrari

Love wrecking motives of men

“Ferrari has a higher value than than any girl.”

“I can get a million other girlfriends with the Ferrari!”

“The Ferrari is such a beautiful car and unlike a girl, it can’t talk!”

“I would gladly leave my girlfriend for a Ferrari!”

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