Pay Your Current PTCL Landline Bill and Win Exiting Prizes with PTCL Eidee Offer | InfoZonePK


PTCL has launched Eidee Offer for its customers in the holy month of Ramadan.

According to details just pay your current PTCL landline bill within due date and enter into lucky draw to win 1300cc Honda City Cars and Hero Motorcycles.

For Terms and Conditions of PTCL Eidee Offer click here.


Q1. Who is eligible for this campaign?

  • All PTCL Private Customers (Residential 01 & 0A) who have paid their complete latest PTCL landline monthly bill before due date are eligible to enter into the Lucky Draw.
  • PTCL connection should be active.

Q2. What documents will I be required to produce for claiming my prize?
A. You are required to produce your last paid bill copy and your original ID card.

Q3. If I have paid my latest month bill but I have amount in arrears, am I eligible to enter lucky draw?
A. No, you must make full payment and clear all dues to enter the lucky draw

Q4. If my PTCL connection is in the name of a relative but I am the one using it, can I claim my prize?
A. No. The winner shall own PTCL Landline connection in his/her name.

Q5. If I have 05 connections on my name, is it possible that I win a prize more than once?
A. Yes

Q6. If my connection is temporary closed after paying latest bill, am I eligible?
A. No, this campaign is only for active numbers

Q7. When will I collect my prize?
A. PTCL will award booking papers of the prize vehicles within 7 working days to the winners. In awarding ceremony, lucky winner will be required to visit respective Regional PTCL office to receive vehicle booking papers by RGM.

Q8. What if my connection was previously not “Private” category but last month onward it has been Private and I have paid full dues; am I eligible?
A. Yes

Q9. Is it mandatory that I have PTCL Landline, BB, and IPTV to enter lucky draw?
A. No. All single play, double play and triple play subs who meet eligibility criteria can enter the lucky draw.

Q10. Can I exchange my prize for cash?
A. No

Q11. Are the cars and motorcycles insured?
A. No

Q12. Will my prize be delivered to me at home?
A. No, all winners will be required to collect their prizes from PTCL official premises after the prize has been successfully claimed by the customer.

Q13. Can a same person win Car & motorbike in lucky draw?
A. Yes but on different numbers.

Q14. Customers who make partial payments or have distributed their bill in installments – will such customers qualify for this lucky draw?
A. No. Only customers paying full payment of their current bill before bill due date will qualify.

Q15. Will corporate user also qualify for this offer?
A. No