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Pakistan is bursting with natural beauty in not only one, but in all four of its provinces. When deciding where to travel, there are a plethora of options, thanks to our natural beauty. A lot of the beauty is hidden, therefore below is a list of places which are not mainstream, but are definitely worth a visit.

Hingol River :

Hingol River is situated in the Makran region, in the Gwadar District of Southeastern Baluchistan. The river is a part of the Hingol valley, and together with the view of the mountains, the experience is very enjoyable.


Passu is a majestic village located on the Karakorum Highway, only 150 km away from Gilgit city. The scenic views of the Passu Glacier and the Batura Glacier are known to bedazzle their visitors. Another notable point of Passu is the lifestyle of the villagers – the work they do, the exteriors and interiors of their homes, their daily routines – these are all unique characteristics to people living in Passu.

Pir Ghaib:

Pir Ghaib is located on the Sibi road, approximately 70km away from Quetta. There is a beautiful waterfall here which is enclosed by palm trees. It flows down a rugged mountainside and makes its way through many streams – a sight worth seeing!

Banjosa lLke:

Banjosa Lake is located 20 km from the city of Rawalakot in the District Poonch of Azad KashmirIt is an artificial lake mounted at an altitude of 1,981 meters. The lake view is surrounded by a dense pine forest and mountains, creating a very endearing and romantic atmosphere.


Once called little Tibet, Shigar valley is located at an altitude of 2800 meters in Gilgit- Baltistan. It is a beautiful valley where nature lovers feel right at home.  Here, you will find snow peaks, sand dunes, rivers and other picturesque views and perfect accommodations like PTDC  Skardu Motel.