Telenor Pakistan Continues its Focus on Sustainability in Business | InfoZonePK

Sustainability Report for 2014

Telenor Pakistan believes that telecommunications has the potential to positively impact people’s lives and help shape a sustainable future. The company has released the Sustainability Report 2014, featuring a holistic view of the best practices adopted by Telenor Pakistan during 2014 and their impact that continues to contribute towards empowering societies.

The report presents a balanced view of the organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance. It explains Telenor Pakistan’s aim to create shared value for its business, customers, broader stakeholders and the communities that it operates in. During the 10 years of its existence in the country, Telenor Pakistan has successfully established itself as the most innovative cellular operator with sustainable growth, responsible corporate citizenship, employment generation and cutting edge products & services. In future, the company will continue to build on the foundations of its long-standing commitment to responsible business.

“I am pleased to present Telenor Pakistan’s Sustainability Report 2014, which tells the story of how sustainability is at the core of everything we do,” said Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan at the launch ceremony. He further added “We at Telenor Pakistan are honored to be affiliated with an industry that touches millions of lives in indelible ways every day. This opportunity and responsibility drives Telenor Pakistan to stand firm on it principles and commitment to help shape an empowered Pakistan through sustainable, transparent, efficient and innovative business practices.“

Earlier, Telenor Pakistan’s Chief Corporate Affairs & Strategy Officer, Muhammad Aslam Hayat, delivered the welcome keynote, whereas Katja Nordgaard, Executive Vice President, Telenor Group Corporate Affairs shared the concluding remarks. During the event Telenor Pakistan’s CSR Documentary 2014 was also screened which was highly praised by the audience.