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Located in in Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is a town as well as the capital of Skardu District.Located on the junction of River Indus and Shigar, Skarduis the gateway of some ofthe world’s highest peaks that lies in Karakoram Range such as K2, the Gasherbrums, Broad Peak, and the Trango Towers.  Every year thousands of climbers visit Skarduto hike and reach the top of these peaks.The beauty of the town is exceptional, it is adorned with grey-brown colored mountains, and a trio of Upper Kachura lake, Lower Kachura Lake, and Satpara Lake.

The climate of Skarduis moderate and protected from intense heat as the mountain setting blocks out the summer rain to the region.However the winters are very severe, and effect transport in and out of Skardu.

Jovago’s Top 3:

Satpara Lake:

Satpara Lake is a natural and main stream lake of Skardu. It is located at an elevation of 2,636 meters (8,650 ft.) above the sea level. It has fresh water and tourists can go trout fishing and row boating on the lake.  In 2002, the government of Azad Kashmir decided to build a dam on the Satpara Lake which is still under construction.


Skardu Fort, also known as Kharphocho Fort,is located above the town towards the east. The fort was built during the 8th century by Rmakpon dynasty rulers of Baltistan. It is an enormous landmark comprising of a seven-story building. Skardu fort is a major tourist attraction that provides a panoramic view of Skardu town, the lush green fields of the valley and the River Indus.

Deosainational Park:

The Deosai National Park is located in Skardu at the boundary of the Karakoram.It is located around 4,114m above the sea level, and is one of the highest plateaus of the world.It was established in 1993 to protect the habitat of Himalayan brown bears and now it is home for a variety of wildlife such as Himalayan ibex, red fox, golden marmot, gray wolf, the Ladakh urial, the snow leopard, and over 124 resident and migratory birds. Summers and spring are the best times to visit Deosai when it is covered by radiant wildflowers, several kinds of flora and fauna and a wide variety of butterflies.


In Skardu, most of the prices at the restaurants are very affordable. Restaurants servetraditional Gilgitcuisine;Marzan, Skampo-Sha, Sha-chu, Shabaly and Khulak– a special breakfast made by using barley and butter. There is a very famous tea named looney- chathat is being served after meal.

As Skardu is very popular for tourism, there are a lot of shopping malls where you can find traditional dresses, hats and other local souvenirs.

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