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A serene hill station, NathiaGali is a mountain resort located in Hazara. Lush green meadows and pine forests have earned it the title of paradise on earth. It remains cool throughout the year and is the perfect retreat for tourists or Pakistanis themselves visiting from the South especially from July to September. The nearby Dunga Gali mountain resort, situated on a slope is another visual has compiled the essential places to visit to make the most of your trip.

Day 1:

1. Governor House:

Governor house belongs to the governor of the province and is his vacation home. It is famous for its vast and lush gardens and captivating view of the mountains. Special permission can be taken to explore its gardens and it is a popular spot to take photographs.

2. Nathia Gali Church:

St. Matthews church built in 1914 by the British and situated in close proximity to governor house. Its oval shaped garden and elegant architecture make it one of Nathia Gali’s most popular attractions.

3. Gulgee’s House:

Near the church another spot to visit is the home of one of the most respected artists of Pakistan. His work is visible inside in his gallery and outside of his house as he has made some designs on it such as an eye.

4. Jahanzaib and Karnak House:

Along the same road are these two private properties with unique architecture.Jahanzaib house is a 3 storey modern complex,and Karnak house is single storey completely composed of white wood and habitat to wild flowers.

5. Chargah:

This restaurant is situated in the bazaar at the end of the road and is ideal to pick up dinner from after site-seeing. It is mainly take away and is famous all over the region for its chicken.

Day 2:

1. Pipeline Café:

Before setting out for the pipeline walk, you could enjoy a bite at the Pipeline café located at the starting point. It offers snacks, meals and deserts.

2. Pipeline Walk:

Dunga Gali pine line track located 3km from Nathia Gali at the base of the Mukshpuri peak, is one of the most beautiful tracks in the world. The 4km track leads from Dunga Gali to Ayubia. Alpine lines, maple, oak, cedar and walnut trees have heavily wooded the area above the track.

3. Ayubia National Park and Chairlift:

The pipeline walk leads to Ayubia National park, where you can take the chairlift which offers spectacular views of the pine forests of Ayubia.

4. Afaq Restaurant:

At the end of the long day the perfect place to eat and rejuvenate is at the Afaq restaurant, in the main bazaar opposite the Afaq hotel. The menu includes traditional Pakistani food, continental food, Barbecue and Chinese.

Day 3:

1. Miranjani Hike:

Miranjani trekking is possible when there is no snowfall, and there are various routes to get here, one steep track from Nathia Gali and another starting from Governor House. The peak offers spectacular views of Abbotabad, Azad Kashmir, Jhelum River,Tarbela Lake and on a clear day the Nanga Parbat Summit.

 2. Green Spot:

Green spot is a mountainous hill top scene, with open green fields and meadows and a magnificent view of Nathia Gali and neighboring areas and a small café where you could have tea. On your way to green spot you will cross Sabzazar as well.

3. Green Retreat Restaurant:

The restaurant at Green Retreat offers the best food in the town. It offers delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening tea. You can sit inside or enjoy your meal open air with the view of the Miran Jani peak. On weekends the Green Retreatarranges a bonfire and live music.

Day 4:

1. Horse Riding:

For sport-lovers Nathia Gali’s main sport is horse-riding.Horses can be used to travel from one spot to another or as an alternative to trekking.

2. Hilal Restaurant:

After a tiring trek, a fulfilling meal would be ideal.Hilal’s food opens daily for lunch around 1 p.m. and offers burgers and fried rice etc. Most people prefer to sit on their open roof and enjoy the lovely weather.

3. Thandiani:

Thandiani is a small plateau surrounded by pine forests. The scenery here is breathtaking and the steep plateau, with its caves and wildlife is a popular tourist spot. It can be approached from Abbotabad(24km distance).

4. Bazaar

To conclude your trip visit the main bazaar in Nathia Gali.The colorful shops are full of handicrafts, shawls and clothes and you will always find a good bargain.

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