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Jovago.com has pointed out some best restaurants for the citizens of Karachi which offers the best food.

Following are the top 10 resturants ranked by Jovago.

1. Rosati:

Rosati Bistro is the most talked aboutnewly evolved eatery in Karachi today. It is a contemporary dining restaurant locatedin KDA scheme 1. Rosati will brighten-up yourouting with the fusion of variety of cuisines (Lebanese, Mexican, Italian and Japanese) and a variety of dishes like dynamite prawns, buffalo tenders and Caesar salads(for health fanatics) . It’s fine blend of formal and casual dining and exclusive outdoor area endowed with alluring waterfalls and wall art provides the perfect atmosphere.

2. Dumpukht:

Dumpukht is a unique restaurant, the right choice for an exceptional dinner, with its mouthwatering Mughlai cuisine. Located in the Marriott in Karachi, Dumpukht is known for its South Asian imperial kitchen recipes of Muslim Mughal Empire. The luxurious atmosphere and ambiance offers guests an exciting taste of history by offering hand-carved wood panels, Mughlai Paintings, elegant silk curtains and fine cuisine.  Chiefly Dumpukht can be your ideal choice to taste upon culture and the magic of spices and do not miss out on its Tikka, Afghani Kebab and Biryani!

3. Tao Pan Asian Cuisine:

Tao Pan will bedazzle you with its uniquely fashioned menu that is panning over the geographic boundaries of Asian cuisines. It is a Classic eatery at Boat Basin that will let you taste the dynamics of spices, flavors and rich textures with pacifying aromas. You can grab your most favored ones from Malay, Japanese, Thai and Chinese and Asian cuisine. Dig into the fish with red peppercorn, Thai red curry and crispy spring rolls!

4. The Patio:

The Patio was designed in 2009, as an upscale restaurant inblock 4 Clifton. This booth serves the traditional Pakistani and continental cuisine in a personalized and home styled way. You will definitely enjoy the every bit of your meal in the patio,furnished with exotic décor by Zain Mursaleen and with lots of greenery. They have a variety of dishes on their menu from jalapeno chicken to honey chilli prawns and you cannot miss out on their chilled ice tea!

5. La-mamma:

This Bistro is renowned for the aromatic Italian cuisine at Moven-pick hotel Karachi and will give you the classic yet traditional italic retreat. La-mammaoffers an unparalleled upbeat environment for your special delights. This spacious restaurant aims to serve you a menu of popular Italian dishes such as pastas in homemade sauces (Alfredo, Arabiatta) and authentic ones like customized Italian brick-oven pizzas. The live cooking element and vibrant décor will make your day just perfect!

6. The Deli:

If you are planning on relying something healthy for then the Deli is the perfect place to be! Located in Zamzama, The-deli is specialized in high quality gourmet cuisine that includes unique sandwiches, fresh Salads, desserts and its most popular dishes the khao suay and chicken swiss polo. The key factor for Deli is the fresh ingredients and imported cheese and chocolates that will give you same flavorful food every time you visit. The quality of food is the prestige that deli carries and they aim to continue the legacy with their enhanced Thai and European menus.

7. Rostisserie:

Karachiites most sought the rotisserie style of food; if you are one of them too then Rostisserie worth a visit for you. It serves you the meat oriented dishes that are skewered on a spit and cooked evenly with the most flavored spices. The major pick-ups from the yummy menu are juiciest roasted chicken and shawarmas. Rostisserie will surely indulge you with its mouth-watering food offered in the most cozy and comfortable environment.

8. Kabab-ji:

Located at Karachi’s Mövenpick Hotel Kabab-ji is the only Lebanese fine dining restaurant that offers authentic Arabic cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. A special element of dining at Kabab-JI is the Lebanese Chef Karim Zeitouni, who will prepare Arabic specialties to enhance your dining experience. The live kitchen and aromatic recipes are sure to please the crowd. Some popular and recommended dishes include the Sheesh Taouk, the hot & cold Mezzeh and Dawood.

9. Café Aylanto:

Café Aylanto is the most famed eatery in Karachi. They are favored for their Mediterranean cuisine and casual and cozy atmosphere. While the menu is mainly Mediterranean they keep on updating it with the new innovations to reflect the trends in international cuisine. The choice at Aylanto is endless from Italian Pasta, to fiery chili sole to vegetable timbale but is bound with great taste and flavors in every single serving. Enjoy your treat with Aylanto’s drizzling flavored dishes!

10. The Ocean Grill:

No one can deter karachiites from enjoying barbecueas the distance to the ocean grill is reduced with the opening of “Ocean Grill” by Zameer Ansari at the The Ocean Mall Clifton. The grill will astound you with aromatic delicaciesin an alluring set up. Hearty eaters will love the treat of char grilled smoky red or green masala tikkas with the traditional puri paratha and lacha paratha.

Pakistan is known for its desi and spicy food.  The Mughal tradition is carried forward in today’s era as well. You can get hold of Pakistani food even if you wish to be relaxed in your hotel room. So get your ticket, book your hotel close to airport and explore the mighty traditions of Pakistan!