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Mobicash & Mandviwalla Entertainment

Mobicash and Mandviwalla Entertainment (ME) signed an agreement, whereby customers will now be able to purchase their movie tickets through Mobicash. This cinema ticketing solution allows moviegoers the convenience of skipping the physical ticket purchase process altogether, and purchase their tickets by paying through their phones or nearby Mobicash outlets with a pre-generated cinema ticket ID.

The signing ceremony, held at Mobilink House, Islamabad, was attended by the following Mobilink representatives in Aamir Ibrahim – Deputy CEO & CCO, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu – Head of MFS, Asif Aziz – VP Marketing, Shahbaz Maqsood Khan – Director Brands and Syed Jaffar Abbas Shirazi – Senior Manager MFS Corporate Segments, while ME was represented by Nadeem H. Mandviwalla – Managing Director.  

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Aniqa Afzal Sandhu stated, “This deal is certainly a game changer for the industry. Not only will this make going to the movies more enjoyable for audiences, but it also delivers enormous value to our product and our partner, Mandviwalla Entertainment. This is yet another innovation that supports our commitment to providing customers with a convenient way of making purchases through a streamlined process demonstrating ease and security.”

“The comfort and convenience of our customers has always been Mandviwalla Entertainment’s top priority and this agreement with Mobicash is a testament to that very commitment. Currently, our customers have the facility of buying movie tickets from our cinemas’ booking offices, and a home delivery system through our website booking system. This new facility not only expands to better facilitate our valued customers with just one touch of a button on their mobile phones, but will also help  us in selling  more  tickets by reducing  the  hassle  of  buying  from  the  box office,” added Nadeem H. Mandviwalla. 

A move, which looks to revolutionize the age-old cinema ticket purchase procedure is completed in four simple steps: Customer visits ME’s website or contacts their call center to book a ticket, customer upon booking receives a unique cinema ticket ID, they then use this unique cinema ticket ID to make payments through their mobile accounts or visit the nearest Mobicash outlet to do the same, and upon payment customers receive a confirmation SMS signaling the successful end of the procedure. ME and Mobicash will also provide users a 24/7 helpline support system for bill payments and bookings.