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For the past five years, as Huawei stepped into the smart phone world, this brand has been ubiquitous globally because of its diverse and futuristic marketing strategies. Huawei has ensured the visibility to the masses at every level, throughout the world, starting from China. These tactics have led the company to the heights of unmatched success and has also helped it to control the reins of the high-end smart phone market, beating giants such as Apple and Samsung.

According to the recent stats revealed by a research firm, Canalys, Huawei, with its 3rd Quarter shipments has surpassed Apple and Samung. Huawei smart phone shipment has grown to 27.4 million units in 3rd quarter, beating home competitors and elevating Huawei significantly, i.e. by 33%, in the mid and high-end smart phone market, world-wide. Huawei owes this dynamic and mega robust in sales, to its versatile and multi-dimensional marketing and advertising strategies which have conquered the hearts of the masses.

With the launch of Mate S, in Pakistan, Huawei has set up striking Billboards, all over the country. These Billboards are unique and eye-catching and leave an everlasting effect on the minds of those passing by. Billboards set up, especially, at Mini Market Gulberg, Allah Hu Chowk, Lahore and at Teen Talwar, Karachi, are structured to cast a spell and radiate an enchanting aura, of the brand. Huawei’s attractive outdoor advertising and diverse marketing, like done in the local newspapers, magazines, local commercial core store posters, etc. has made Huawei a mega star among its competitors.

Huawei’s Head of Devices, Mr. Shawn has said, “Huawei has adopted such marketing strategies which aim at making Huawei a domestic brand and a name which is known to all. Our undeniably outstanding products and excellent after sale services have rendered our brand as one of the most trusted one and this stance is supported by our record sales in the third quarter. We aspire to take our brand to the skies and set new benchmarks in the field of pioneering technologies and success.”

Huawei has been operating in the market for more than 23 years now and its R&D department has developed tremendously and it has become rich and prolific. Huawei prodigies, do not only carry a signature, ultimately impressive design, but also has high tech and modern features incorporated in it. Owning patented technologies, also gives Huawei an edge over the competitor mobile enterprises.

Continuing with the pace of growth which Huawei has maintained till now, it can be believed that soon Huawei’s name would be seen everywhere. This brand has successfully secured the position of the 3rd largest mobile phone the year, it will certainly go higher along the ladder, mounting each step of triumph with its technological wonders, capturing the smart phone markets, worldwide.