Pakistani IT Team Wins Merit Position in APICTA Awards | InfoZonePK


A talented team of aspiring ICT professionals has won the merit award at the prestigious international ceremony of ‘Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards’ (APICTA) held in Colombo, Sri-lanka from the 21st to 23rd of November, 2015.

This successful Pakistani team named “Teddict , was trained and groomed by the  ‘NEST’ (Start-up Incubator) in Pakistan, whereby Samsung – the global technology leader, had also played a key role in training and grooming the competent professionals, encouraging them to compete in APICTA and other international contests.

The APICTA Awards is all about innovative genius. The annual competition initiated 12 years ago, evaluates and recognizes the best ICT solutions, created and submitted by teams from all over the Asia Pacific region.

The Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J. H. Lee stated that; “The NEST enjoys technical and financial support from Samsung and the corporate sector of Pakistan. This year, the NEST and Samsung had trained 14  brilliant teams of Pakistani IT professionals and out of them 6 teams shortlisted to participate in the APICTA 2015 held in Colombo. We congratulate all these teams for showing remarkable performance during the international contest. We are committed to enrich and offer more services and training programmes through this resourceful incubator. The key objective is to nurture the talents of IT professionals and enthusiasts in Pakistan.”

The APICTA program comprises of 17 awards, presented to the most innovative ICT solutions entered in each category.  The aim is to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide, by providing networking and product bench-marking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs.