Microsoft Conducts Media Briefing about #UpgradeYourWorld Campaign in Islamabad | InfoZonePK


Microsoft Pakistan conducted an informative media briefing on 23rdNovember, 2015, in Islamabad. The main theme of the event was #UpgradeYourWorld campaign. A large number of media journalists and reporters were a part of the successful event, where Mr. Nadeem Malik – Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan answered various questions and disseminated valuable information.

The media reporters and Microsoft personnel held an enlightening question and answer session about the campaign and the benefits of optimum utilization of Windows 10, which has been globally launched recently. The media journalists held feelings of aspiration and reverence towards the dedication with which Microsoft is helping the youth, via briefing sessions and live demonstrations.

The #UpgradeYourWorld campaign was launched in Pakistan in alliance with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), to highlight the benefits of utilizing the latest Microsoft ‘Windows 10’ – best ever Windows, among school and college students. The campaign started from the city of Bahawalpur on the 10th of November, 2015. This campaign later proceeded northwards, through various rural and urban areas of Pakistan, visiting prominent academic institutions in numerous cities and towns. The initiative concluded in Islamabad on the 20th of November, 2015.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan – Mr. Nadeem Malik stated; “Microsoft is striving on unleashing the economic and technological potential of Pakistan by creating fresh opportunities for our young generation, thus making a positive impact in the country. I believe technology is an enabler at every level of society and it is a mission of  Microsoft Pakistan to enrich the lives of the our vibrant youth. I am excited to be spearheading the #UpgradeYourWorld campaign in Pakistan, and look forward to work in alliance with the government, industries, academia, non-profit organizations and the general public to enable Pakistan to realize its true potential by promoting innovation. I am enthusiastic about fostering meaningful 21st century skills among our youth.”

Microsoft is one of the pioneering multi-national IT enterprise, which has launched this campaign to enhance technology awareness in the rural areas of Pakistan, where professional exposure and learning experiences are being delivered. On the global scale, the ‘UpgradeYourWorld’ campaign is being conducted throughout various significant regions such as; Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, Sao Paolo, and New York.  For more information, please