Pakistani Online Shopping Industry - The Way of the Future | InfoZonePK


E-commerce in Pakistan is not a new phenomenon as it is penetrating in the market on large scale. Succeeding to this philosophy, online shopping has become an absolute choice for rational shoppers. Indeed, online stores have been evolved remarkably in the last few years in Pakistan. Accordingly, it is predicted that online shopping will take over a considerable share in retail marketing in future. All the big brands and companies are engaged to demonstrate their online presence in terms of their particular niche to get the advantages of online shopping. Organizations are presenting long array of products to capture the shopping Galaxy within few years. So the sky is the limit but I would like to mention some products which have substantial share in online shopping such as:

  1. Fashion Wear
  2. Electronics
  3. Formal wears
  4. Books
  5. Gadgets
  6. Gift Books
  7. Toys
  8. Men & women clothing

In Pakistan, there is a huge scope for online shopping and everyone who wants to do business has great opportunities to get a foothold in this arena. The exemplary websites for online business are, and recently launched and the list goes on. The Youth of Pakistan is playing a pivotal role to grab the e-commerce opportunities and paved the grounds for online shopping in Pakistan. According to factual stats, it is estimated that in Pakistan, 10 percent people are using internet and 50 percent of them are using it on smart phones only. Under this scenario, investors and capitalists would be savvier to invest in this fast growing industry as there is big vacuum to be filled in Pakistan.

Today, internet blogs and website are used to give reviews and evaluation reports about new products but the most important feature of these blogs that they also publish customer experience of online shopping which would help people to select best online store. Subsequently, online shopping and its all mediums get publicity and proliferation for e-commerce activities. The most growing trends of online shopping are clothing, mobiles, gadgets, and mobile accessories in Pakistan but precisely, women clothing which were never bought from online, five years back.

Hence, bringing women clothing online is the big achievement of think tanks behind the evolution of online shopping. Women’s psyche about the stuff, feel, quality and satisfaction while shopping clothing, are the huge factors of bringing big brands online. At present, entrepreneurs are well-aware with customer psyches, price comparisons and market analysis of product details that enable them to attract customers to shop online and they also ensured their customer that what they bought, it is exactly the same they are expecting with quality and satisfaction integral.

Beyond any argument, online shopping in Pakistan has bright future complimented by the upsurge of information technology. In coming days, it is optimistically claimed that growth and awareness of e-commerce platforms will grow tremendously in Pakistan and will bring technology onboard to gain momentum for online shopping. Keeping in view all the challenges and advantages of online shopping, Pakistan’s industry and business will evolve in future with online presence significantly.