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Honor 7 has been launched by Huawei, recently. It’s an excellent quality smart phone, available at the price which is slightly outside the mid-range, but given the exceptional features integrated in this smart device, Honor 7 is definitely an excellent choice. This smart phone has been manufactured with an excellent quality camera, a flawless fingerprint scanner and super fast processor with luminous screen and the amazing “Smart Key”. The design is also commendable. Let’s have a detailed comparison of this smart phone with Samsung‘s Galaxy S6, which offers certain features quite at par with Honor 7 but with a big difference in money terms.

Structure & Design:

Talking about the design, Samsung has certainly crafted S6 with great perfection and style. The body is compact, offers a firm grip and is a beauty to look at. But when you look at what Huawei has offered through its Honor creation, it would definitely leave you in an awe. Huawei has given this latest Honor smart phone, a superbly attractive design. The exterior has been given an ergonomic structure so that it can be handled easily. The back of the phone is slightly curved, allowing stronger grip. Honor 7 has full touch screen on its front, whereas S6 has the definitive metal ringed home button at the bottom of its façade.

Honor 7’s right side has the power and volume keys, whereas on the left it has the SIM slot above the unique “Smart Key”. In S6, the power with card slot in on right and the volume keys on the left. Both these smart phones have their own dynamic, unique appearance, which would tempt the customers, obviously, but the fact the Honor smart phone is posing a competition to Galaxy S6 is undeniable, proven by the price difference and availability if certain superior great features.

Huawei has given Honor 7 an advanced and foolproof fingerprint scanner, at the back, just below the camera. Although the fingerprint scanner feature, for security purpose, is also available in S6 but Huawei has given Honor 7’s scanner some unconventional functions as well, like checking notifications, swiping among snaps etc.

Display Screen:

The display screen of Honor 7 is 5.2 inches large. It is IPS-Neo capacitive touch screen with 1920×1080 resolution (424 ppi). The screen has been secured with Corning Gorilla glass to make to make it strong. On the other hand, Samsung has given S6 the screen which is 5.1 inches in size. It is Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, also covered by the Corning Gorilla glass, having 1440×2560 resolutions (577 ppi). Samsung has created this screen with utter perfection. It can be said that S6 carries the brightest, vivid and clear screen manufactured till date but Huawei has also posed a competition here, with the size of Honor 7’s screen which is slightly larger than S6 and made with adequate resolution, to produce lively and pleasant images, videos etc.

Another important point worth mentioning here is the screen to body ratio, in Honor 7 is 72.4 % and in S6 its 70.7%, which means the music, movies, videos etc viewing experience offered through Honor 7 is more enlarged than S6.

OS, Processor & Storage:

These operating system integrated in these smart phones is Android lollipop 5.0 in Honor 7 and lollipop 5.0.2 in S6. Here again Huawei has given its prodigy the best of Android OS to make it a strong competition for the rivals. Huawei has given Honor 7 its latest Emotion 3.1 UI and Samsung has equipped S6 with its Touch Wiz UI, both the UIs manufactured by the respective companies, perform significantly well with the OS and deliver ultra smooth and unhindered performance.

The processor fitted in Honor 7 is also pretty efficient, its 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor with Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 935 chipset, on the other hand Samsung’s S6 has 2.1 GHz Quad-core processor with its own Exynos 7420 chipset. With the aforementioned super performing processors both the smart phones offer seamless usage experience.

Huawei has designed its Honor 7 with effective Thermal Design, which would resist temperature increase and prevent the device from getting heated thus offering longer functional hours, especially for heavy users and gamers.

The RAMs in these two smart phones is of 3GB. Whereas ROM in Honor 7 is of 16GB which can be expanded up to 128 GB with MicroSDCard. Samsung has produced S6 with either 32/64/128 GB ROM and the slot for MicroSDcard isn’t available in S6 but that would not be a problem because of the large internal storage capacity.


Honestly, the camera quality is the game changer for Honor 7. In comparison to S6, Honor 7 possesses a great, highly efficient and super pixeled camera. 

Huawei has bestowed Honor 7 with a mega 20 MP rear and 8MP front camera, but S6 doesn’t impress in comparison, with its 16 MP back and 5 MP front cameras. Though S6 does take the lead with its high resolution screen but Honor 7 beats it again with its mighty photography capability. The camera pixel of Honor 7, add another cherry on the cake for Huawei. With the Huawei’s latest addition in its Honor smart phone, the Smart Key, photo capturing would become a completely new experience. This Smart key feature is certainly something which is a lesson for other smart phone manufacturers, to think out of the box and create things never seen before.


Now the power talk. Huawei has incorporated a 3100 mAh battery in Honor 7 whereas Samsung has given S6 a 2550 mAh battery. Need we say more? With all the amazing and exciting features to enjoy in a smart phone, the power of the phone must last longer and here Huawei has exceptional battery life to offer in its Honor 7 smart phone. Honor 7 with its heat resisting design and more powered battery would offer longer hours of fun and entertainment in comparison to S6.


To conclude, although Galaxy S6 is a ravishing beauty with the superb screen, but Huawei does project a tough competitor with the launch of its Honor 7. These smart phones are 4G/LTE, Samsung S6 is single SIM and Honor 7 is dual SIM. S6 is available in a price range of 55,000/- (currently) whereas customers can get almost all the similar features at a far less price i.e. Rs 45,899/-, through Honor 7.

We are not here to make the choice for you, but just to give you something to think about. Next time, you want to change your phone, we are sure, after reading this comparison, you would certainly prefer Huawei smart phones.