Zong 4G’s Recycling Initiatives Help the Underprivileged | InfoZonePK


Zong 4G’s New Hope volunteers conducted an activity based on electronic waste management by sharing their knowledge on recycling and utilizing their skills to contribute to the environmental sustainability along with the students of an underprivileged school in Islamabad.

In 2017, Zong 4G had setup a 4G internet lab for these children at their school, connecting them to the virtual world for the first time. Thriving to enhance the skills, the volunteers have been delivering Internet awareness sessions to these children in a renovated and more modern environment.

Owning the cause, this year students were introduced to many vocational skills and qualities by the volunteers to explore the importance of reuse and recycling as well as to stimulate their sensitivity towards environmental sustainability. Building their capacities, the volunteers empowered the children with the skillset to recycle the electronic waste consisting of key boards and mouse to create innovative and sustainable products.

To maximize the impact, Zong 4G provided the reusable electronic devices to promote science and technological development which has adhered to enrich the learning for underprivileged children beyond the classroom.

Embarking on its strong commitment towards social responsibility, Zong 4G aims to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow to create a sustainable future with sustainable environment.