The Teaser for Spark Go just came out and its definitely Sparking Everyone’s Attention! | InfoZonePK

The Spark Go smartphone manufactured by TECNO Mobile is all set to launch this month and as mobile enthusiasts we can’t wait for its official release. Luckily for us TECNO has released a teaser that shows everyone just what we can expect with the Spark Go.

Here’s the image that’s being spread all around:


Seeing from the image one thing that clear it’s the price. The Spark Go will be available to customers at only 14,999 PKR, as per this image we believe that its very reasonable amount for a premium smartphone. The price point is perfect for those who are conservative with their budget and looking for many features at the least expense.

TECNO phones are well renowned in Pakistan for having great specs at a great price, so we’re sure Spark Go will be no different. This phone will bring in tough competition in the summer phone sales.

Moreover, given TECNO’s image in the marketplace and the reviews of its other products we can expect the Spark Go to also offer many amazing features. While TECNO hasn’t officially released the list of tools and components of the phone itself, however seeing from the picture we can take a few guesses ourselves.

The image of the Spark Go showcases two circles on the top left corner. These are definitely the cameras with a white flash circle in between. As they are two of them we can guess that the Spark Go might be a dual camera phone, which is super exciting. A dual camera will allow users an opportunity to utilize their phone for much more than just amateur photography. It will give them the chance to take their photographs to the next level. In this regard, the teaser is hinting at a wonderful news for all smartphone users who enjoy capturing their precious moments. We expect that the Spark Go is bound to give us high level cameras that will make the wait worthwhile.

Besides, the dual camera and the price we are not sure of what else the device has to offer. However, one thing is for sure, the name “Spark” does trigger our brain cells a bit.

TECNO has previously launched the Spark Pro which was one of its most successful devices.  As per our analysis we are assuming that the Spark Go is an offshoot from the Spark Pro smartphone. If this is true then the Spark Go will give TECNO competitors a run for their money. The Spark Pro made incredible sales throughout the country and so a variant phone of its sort which is even cheaper will definitely make a big splash in the industry.

Overall TECNO’s Spark Go has definitely sparked everyone’s attention before its launch. We can’t wait to see it when it comes out this July.