Some of the biggest Celebrities of Pakistan were seen with the new “Spark Go” Smartphone! | InfoZonePK

TECNO collaborated with 5 celebrities for its Spark Go campaign. The official video which was released online under the theme of #SparkTheSpeed went viral overnight.

The celebrities were seen in realistic scenarios in which each of them faces a difficulty and has to rely on their Spark Go phone to reach their goal. This sparked everyone’s interest as viewers try to figure out what features of the Spark Go helped the famous stars of Pakistan.

The video begins with the hunky Noor Hassan as a delivery man who is running short on time. Unfortunately, he is running late so he takes out his Spark Go phone and quickly gets the boost he needs to reach his destination. What feature of the Spark Go do you think gave Noor Hassan the boost?


The second celebrity we see is the multi-talented Imran Ashraf who oversleeps and has to rush to work. Uplifted by Spark Go, Imran Ashraf high jumps out of bed and pushes ahead to work. What Spark Go feature could have lifted the acclaimed actor and transformed his bed look to a runway look?


The Spark Go isn’t just for work as the stunningly beautiful Hina Altaf will tell you. She’s seen running into the university late with no time to spare. The TECNO Spark Go comes to her rescue and helps Hina Altaf move past all the other students at the speed of light. What specs of the Spark Go could have sparked this lightning movement in Hina Altaf?


Mikaal Zulfiqar shows us that the TECNO Spark Go is also the key to a happening social life. The famous star was seen dancing with many beautiful girls by his side when all of a sudden the music stops. He thinks quickly and uses his Spark Go to liven up the party again. What feature of the Spark Go did Mikaal use to turn the music on?


The Spark Go is also the phone of choice for the gorgeous Ramsha Khan. She is seen watching a drama on her friend’s phone. Unfortunately the internet speed lags and the video goes into buffer mode. It’s at this time Ramsha Khan uses her Spark Go phone to speed up the internet connectivity. Did you catch the subtle hint Ramsha gave and see what feature the beautiful actress uses?


This is the only time we have seen so many high level celebrities come together for just one phone and it’s truly remarkable. All these celebrities have definitely showed us a glimpse of Spark Go’s power.

Young people today are limited on time and need to get things done fast – whether it’s during university life, office routine, catching up with friends or a dinner date. Prior to the TECNO Spark Go there was nothing to speed up our lives. The Spark Go has features that can totally boost your tempo and accelerate your momentum. It’s the only phone that specially caters to the fast paced life of the youth.

TECNO Mobile Pakistan is asking people to share their stories of how the Spark Go can spark up their life.

To participate all you have to do is guess which feature of the Spark Go helped which celebrity spark their speed. Share your guesses about the Spark Go features using the hashtag #SparkGo and #SparkTheSpeed.

Fans who participate will get to see some sparks in real life! Many exclusive prizes await the lucky winners including TECNO goodies like power banks, along with many other amazing gifts.