Preferable Cotton Shirts Brands for Summers | InfoZonePK

With summer just around the corner, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe with the apt clothes for high temperatures. Cotton is one of the most choice fabrics for shirts, light and breathable; helping with the summer. The breathable quality helps to keep one cool and also help perspiration escape.

Luckily Pakistan produces some of the best cotton in the world, a lot of which is used locally by brands that are making fine quality shirts out of it. The patterns are endless, some use the classics like stripes, checks, houndstooth and herringbone. While other brands create their own patterns based on geometric designs, while others use floral patterns and more.

Collars can range from a band collar to cut-away collars, though the latter is more often found to be worn with formal attire. Some styles also include contrasts, the inside of the collar and cuffs is a bright color. This can create a very stylish look depending on the color. If it is done right it will look great and if not, it can easily look tacky.

The local brands are aplenty, the more known ones that regularly update their catalogs to stay current include:

1. Brumano:

A brand that focuses on semi-casual wear for men. With a high standard of stitching so the look is neat. Their style range is diverse enough for everyone to find a few shirts they like. Generally, a more sober range of options.

2. Cotton & Cotton:

This is a more high-end brand that focuses on a more formal range, even importing cotton from Egypt. Egyptian cotton is considered the best. With many different styles in white alone, since it is the most commonly worn color with formal attire. A crisp white shirt has an effect that most other colors do not. Don’t forget to explore their website for new designs.

3. Levis:

An international brand of renown, Levis has shops in Pakistan too. Their collection is more casual oriented, with a focus on comfort. This everyday wear is designed well with a top-level finish. Levis has a wide range of options to choose from.

Which shirt one chooses is a matter of what their intended usage is.Whether they need semi-casual shirts for the office or formal shirts for more special occasions, or casual wear to wear out and about. Picking the right fit is important so no matter what kind of style they are wearing they look snappy, the wrong fit can make one look shabby. The starting point is the shoulders, this is where the definition of form begins. Then comes the collar, cuffs and on to the overall snugness. If you are choosy and lazy to visit outlet, then you can buy levis shirts online too.

Cotton shirts are a great addition to one’s collection, if not an important one. The style and comfort of a cotton shirt is rarely matched.