The 2nd Leg of the Jazz Golf Tournament 2020 takes place in Islamabad | InfoZonePK

The second leg of the annual Jazz Golf Tournament teed-off in Islamabad at the Islamabad Golf Club.The one-day event saw participation of distinguished Jazz Business customers, amateur golfers, media representatives and the company’s top management. The tournament, now considered to be amongst Pakistan’s most premier amateur golf events,started early morning and concluded mid-afternoon followed by a prize-giving ceremony.

To show its customers and employees that it truly values them, Jazz organizes this golf tournament every year with one event each in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Each year, over 400 participants from the country’s corporate sector participate, along with amateur and semi-professional golfers, with the aim of promoting the sport of Golf in the country.

The tournament is a unique event, which gives a chance to both the employees and the customers to connect and build relationships by engaging them in a fun, outdoor activity. It is an opportunity for all to widen their network of contacts while enjoying a memorable experience.

“At Jazz, we believe in hosting events that help boost our employees’ morale and enable our valued customers to feel truly involved. This tournament is a mirror to our inclusive work culture,” said Jazz’s Chief Corporate and Enterprise Officer Syed Ali Naseer.  “My congratulations to all the winners of the Jazz Golf Tournament 2020. I hope to see you again next year with the same commitment and spirit for the game.”

The third and finalleg of the tournament will take place in Lahore in March of this year.