Telenor Microfinance Bank empowering Women in the Workplace | InfoZonePK

Telenor Microfinance Bank (TMB) celebrated International Women’s Day in commemoration of achievements of women across the country, based on the theme #EachforEqual. This day is marked for honoring the social, economic and cultural accomplishments of females in different segments of society.

As an organization, Telenor Microfinance Bank believes that having a diverse workforce is the key to fostering innovation and meeting the challenges of a dynamic marketplace and therefore, strives to create and nurture an environment which is gender inclusive. The bank takes pride in being an equal opportunity employer which empowers females in particular at all levels of hierarchy.

Commenting on the occasion, PouruchistySidhwa, Chief Human Resource Officer, Telenor Microfinance Bank said,“As one of the top employers in Pakistan, we understand and value the benefits of having a diverse workforce which is crucial for organizational culture and business performance. With a firm belief that diversity drives innovation, we are proud to foster a work environment where women have the creative, mental and physical freedom to excel and grow according to their true potential”.

The women at the bank are provided with leadership roles and opportunities to prove themselves. Over the years, we have witnessed some dynamic women emerge as future leaders not just at the bank but also in the roles they took on later in their careers.

Telenor Microfinance Bank recognizes the fact that a woman’s role in society is very diverse. Just how they are given responsibilities at work, they are also the driving force behind their families. Therefore, the Bank offers workplace day care facility, which puts them at ease and simultaneously allows them to spend more time their children. Furthermore, facilities such as leaves, pick and drop, insurance benefits, work from home and effective maternal care are also available.

Telenor Microfinance Bank not only appreciates the working women of urban cities of Pakistan but also firmly believes that women of rural areas have great potential and can be financially independent while contributing productively to their families, society as well as the country’s economy.

Other than providing digital solutions to their financial needs, Telenor Microfinance Bank also provides women with loans and access to credit facilities enabling them with the resources they need to execute their ideas. In addition, the Bank is providing instant access to convenient digital financial solutions to the masses of Pakistan through its flagship digital payment solution Easypaisa.

With an aim to empower women throughout Pakistan, Telenor Microfinance Bank is passionate about promoting workplace equality to empower women realizing their true potential as well as the limitless growth prospective they can offer to the local economy.