Infinix S5 Pro is revamping Cameras One Popup at a Time! | InfoZonePK

Affordable and premium quality smartphones  are a rarity in today’s age. Though, one of the leading smartphone brand, Infinix has managed to add that premium touch to smartphones and that too in an amazing range. Infinix has a history to surprise us by revamping the camera game always as seen in S5 launched last year with an in display punch-hole selfie camera. Following the tradition Infinix has recently launched S5 Pro in India, it is one of the economical phones in the world to offer a 40 MP pop-up selfie camera setup. The latest addition is expected to go on sale in Pakistan too. 

The qualities of cameras installed in smart phones is the first thing that comes into our mind. The big focus of Infinix S5 pro is the motorized pop-up hidden selfie camera that is 40 MP with industry’s highest pixel, offering appreciable brilliant camera experience with the highest quality. It allows for higher screen-to-body ratios; with a futuristic vibe and give users concerned with privacy peace of mind, as the front-facing camera isn’t staring at them the whole time. Not just that, it will be also featuring a spectacular 48MP triple camera at the back to take stunning photos at any time. Infinix surely is setting a new benchmark by giving such holistic camera experience in one device.

To sum it, if we view the features together, phone does offer a lot. When looking at the features of a phone, one has to make a checklist: Memory, Ram, Camera (picture and video framing), weight and design. With the S5 Pro camera you can create high quality videos, keep it in your phone all thanks to the 128GB memory and you can even edit with the right software as Infinix’s 6GB RAM will allow your phone to operate at high capacity. The RAM, vivid screen colors and large sized screen also come in handy when you want to play the latest games.

Reliable sources tell us that the price of Infinix S5 Pro would be around 24k – 26K. This perhaps means that Infinix S5 would be the most affordable pop-up selfie camera phone. Having this pop-up camera adds a lot of value to any handset.

Infinix S5 pro takes a leap forward in terms of resolution and zoom. Stay on top of your games, streams, and social media download speeds. Premium, pocket able and packed with all the features you need to level up your photography and power you through the day.