Avanza Solutions and Hysab Kytab sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement to boost the Digital Financial Inclusion of Customers | Avanza Solutions and Hysab Kytab sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement to boost the Digital Financial Inclusion of Customers

Avanza Solutions – one of the leading Fintech organizations across the globe, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hysab Kytab –a Fintech that offers a suite of financial management solutions. The collaboration will help in providing individual-level personalized financial management products and services to the digital banking customers.

The partnership between Avanza Solutions and Hysab Kytab will facilitate digital banking customers to manage their finances in a more efficient and secure manner. It will improve online banking experience, better money management and helps the customers to proactively manage their finances.

FinTechs are establishing prestige partnerships with highly reputable organizations not only to lead in complying with industry standards but also extend their reach and expertise. This Partnership between Avanza and Hysab Kytab will increase digital reach to millennial and tech savvy customers with meaningful insight for all stakeholders, boosting the digital financial inclusion of customers.

Avanza’s Internet & Mobile Banking Platform offers a strategic combination of retail banking, corporate banking and mobile banking solutions. It helps grow sales and cut costs in the most effective manner and ensures continuous delivery of retail and corporate banking services to bank’s customers in a personalized, cost-effective, efficient, and secure manner.

HK-PFM is white-labeled personal finance management solution, which is a fully customizable and secure wealth management product. It can seamlessly integrate into bank’s existing core banking applications and completes the online banking experience for users. It provides data driven actionable insights to banks and helps banks to maximize and optimize their revenues per branch, per customer and sell more products to more customers.

The integration between HK-PFM and Avanza’s Internet and mobile banking platform will provide outstanding benefits to both the banks and their customers, as it enables banks to have meaningful engagement with the customers, discover cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and increase customer loyalty meanwhile, it also provides tremendous facilities to the digital banking customers such as, smart money management, effective budgeting, expense tracking and easy-to-read charts & reports that empowers customers to view all financial activities at a glance.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Yasir Ilyas, Head of Hysab Kytab, said, “I believe collaboration between FinTech players and other Financial Institutions’ is key for the development of compressive solutions offering to end customer. This collaboration with Avanza will help fintech industry to work collectively for the common goal of boosting digital financial inclusion of customer”

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Jalil Ahmed Farooqui, Head of Business Development, said, “It is our mission to enable the world to grow digitally, where knowledge is strength and empowers the people. This partnership aims to provide exceptional benefits to the banks and their customers by taking them to the next level of Internet & Mobile Banking.”