Govt, PTA and FAB to involve AGP in the Zong Spectrum Case | Govt, PTA and FAB to involve AGP in the Zong Spectrum Case

GOP, PTA and FAB have decided to seek assistance of the Office of the Attorney General of Pakistan in the ongoing dispute with Zong regarding compensation spectrum.

The Government of Pakistan is currently embroiled in a dispute regarding allocation of compensation spectrum to Zong by the PTA and FAB.

The original spectrum allocated to Zong was interfered and to compensate for this interference, compensation band was allocated by PTA and FAB. However, on 14th December 2020, the PTA directed Zong to surrender the compensation band to the GOP, which will be re-auctioned for revenue generation by the government.

The issue is currently disputed between PTA, FAB and Zong before the Islamabad High Court.

During proceedings earlier this week, the court issued a status quo order and prohibited the PTA and FAB from proceeding further against Zong. The Honorable Chief Justice reprimanded the officers of PTA and FAB and observed that it is the duty of PTA and FAB to grant interference-free spectrum to operators.

If interference cannot be removed from Zong’s spectrum, the operator should be compensated, either in the form of monetary compensation or through grant of compensation spectrum.

In today’s proceedings, the GOP informed the court that they would now be engaging the Attorney General Office to represent the GOP in the case.

FAB has also changed their counsel for this case. The court adjourned the matter and directed the Attorney General to brief the court on the issue of removal of interference and grant of compensation to Zong in lieu of the interfered spectrum granted by PTA and FAB.