Facebook hosts Discover Ramadan 2021 virtually

Facebook hosted a virtual event for Pakistani businesses to share insights and key findings regarding Ramadan shopper behavior and trends, as these businesses initiate the planning of their respective campaigns. These insights were shared from a report Facebook commissioned from YouGov, to help advertisers gain a better understanding of their target audience. 

The event consisted of four sessions altogether: 

Discover Ramadan Marketing Insights:

Facebook shared six key insights into Ramadan shopper behavior and trends in Pakistan, as well as tips on how Facebook solutions can help businesses uncover growth during this period. The six key insights shared were: 

  • Social conscience drives support for local communities. 68% of survey respondents in Pakistan believe brands should find ways of giving back to consumers and the community (especially during the ongoing crisis), whereas 54% become more interested in a brand or product after learning about their business practices.
  • Unity through technology; mobile empowers family connection. Among the majority of Ramadan observers/shoppers surveyed in Pakistan, 75% agreed that their mobile phone is an important source of entertainment and reflection during the season, and 72% agreed their mobile helped them get things done during spare moments in Ramadan.
  • Creators offer a new source of credibility. 86% of survey respondents in Pakistan said they follow public figures on social media, and 58% agreed that they follow public figures on social media as a great way to discover new trends.
  • A demand for safety drives mobile shopping. 59% of survey respondents in Pakistan said they use mobile for Ramadan/Eid shopping because it’s safer than going to a store, and 81% used mobile to research what to buy.
  • Continuous shopping results in a surprising second shopping peak. The weeks leading up to Ramadan are traditionally seen as the main shopping moment, but there’s now a surprising second shopping peak. Most shopping happens at the end of Ramadan. Only 18% of survey respondents in Pakistan said that they have completed shopping by the time Ramadan begins, whereas 31% of shoppers said they do most of their shopping during Ramadan month.
  • Price sensitivity elevates an anticipation for mega sales. Shoppers are increasingly price sensitive and look to Facebook for deals and inspiration. 61% of survey respondents in Pakistan said it’s more difficult to afford products and 71% said they look out for bargains during Ramadan/Eid, while 56% of people said they use Facebook platforms to shop for themselves or others.

Discover Creative Inspiration:

Dial Zero Creative Shop and L’Oreal shared tips and tricks on how brands can level up their creative game for Ramadan campaigns.

Discover New Demand:

ADEX360 shared how they are working with fashion retailers like Limelight to create opportunities for discovery across the consumer journey, from inspiration to purchase.

Discover Branded Content:

Content creators Faiza Saleem and Danish Ali shared insights on creating impactful branded content this Ramadan.

The event concluded with a Q&A between the attendees and speakers. The sessions were led by Ali Khurshid Ahmed (Partner Manager, Facebook),Nazia Siddiqui (Group Product Manager, L’oreal Pakistan), Zain Hameed (CEO, ADEX360), Saher Ahmed Khan (Creative Director, Dial Zero), and content creators and social media influencers Faiza Saleem and Danish Ali.

“2020 was a unique year for the world, and changed how we navigate through everything including the month of Ramadan, which holds a lot of significance for Muslims around the world. It is a time when people want to connect more with their loved ones, and also take care of the community around them. The spirit of this month teaches us to be mindful and generous in all aspects of life.

We at Facebook felt it is important to derive learnings from last year, to help our brand partners stay ahead, and embrace the full opportunities of this important season. Furthermore, it is also a great time for brands to strengthen their relationship with their customers by highlighting their core values. We are grateful to all our partners for this session who took the time out to join this conversation, and share insights from their own experiences.” stated Jordi Fornies, Director Emerging Markets APAC, Facebook.

“As Facebook’s Authorized Sales Partner in Pakistan, our goal is to ensure advertisers are provided with the best solutions to reach out to their target audience. With Ramadan coming up, Facebook has shared unique insights about shopper behavior and trends observed last year, so that brands can take these into account when planning their upcoming campaigns. The goal is to not just unlock growth, but also bridge the gap and build a meaningful relationship between brands and their customer base.” shared Zameer Qureshi, CEO, Dial Zero.