Experience Top Apps, and get Cash Backs – The Trick behind getting Huawei Gifts from Huawei AppGallery!

More often than not you might stumble upon an offer that is too good to refuse. It could be a prize upon entering, trying out your luck, getting cash backs or even something big like USD 5000/- or free Huawei phones. If you’ve come across such an offer on HUAWEI AppGallery, you are in luck! You can not only make the most out of the campaigns that are available for a limited time only, but you can also come out victorious by simply participating and reading the rules. The mechanism behind is fairly simple, and easy to abide by – and by following some simple set of instructions you can experience your favorite apps and get Huawei gifts by doing just that!

Firstly, you need to open HUAWEI AppGallery and check out the main page for any running campaigns, or any upcoming events. You can also keep an eye out for great discount deals, and offers in close proximity to any event, such as women’s day, Ramadan, Eid, Easter, Christmas and more! Once you come across the offer, be sure to read the instructions and rules to get a fair chance at winning or claiming the prize – it is that simple. Here are some campaigns and app promotions you can expect:

2021 Ramadan Gift Festival – Pakistan:

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with their friends and family? And what better way to showcase that love than by winning gifts for them. Usually around Ramadan, HUAWEI AppGallery has a big festival to give amazing cashbacks, daily login rewards, share and win prizes, and lucky draw winning chances upon topping up. The prizes are limited, but the possibilities are not. Simply download the selected apps, and follow the rules and instructions stated.

2021 Bigo Huawei Ramadan Gala – Pakistan:

Next up in line is the favorite app for live streaming and watching videos, plethora of options within one app – Bigo Live. While the app is interesting enough on its own, you can also expect a Bigo themed campaign along the lines. What’s more is, you can expect to win Huawei phones through HUAWEI AppGallery with Bigo Huawei Ramadan Gala through In- App purchases. Not only win Huawei gifts, but also support your favorite influencers to win Huawei phones! And, get amazing bigo virtual gifts for simply participating. Stay tuned for more information.

With over 120,000 applications available across all categories, HUAWEI AppGallery, the third-largest global app distribution platform from Huawei, offers a wide range of diverse apps and enables the users to use these applications seamlessly with strict protection of their privacy and security. In fact, HUAWEI AppGallery deploys the highest level of verification to isolate and protect users’ sensitive data and privacy. Personally-sensitive information will never be processed outside the Huawei device, giving the user complete control over their personal data[1]. Moreover, thanks to Huawei EMUI services included on Huawei smartphones, users have complete control over apps user permission.

Popular messaging apps such as Botim, imo, and Moya are fully usable within the Huawei Mobile Service thereby enabling smooth and enhanced user experiences. This highlights Huawei’s commitment to continually develop its app portfolio to provide users with innovative and high-quality apps that meet their needs and enhance the overall user experience.

Another exciting development is that Huawei Pakistan has now appointed ‘Yellostone Technologies’ as the official channel partner for Huawei smartphones, smart devices and smart ecosystems. Yellostone is among the most resourceful enterprises, with a nationwide network and experience in distribution of devices and technologies, in which it has achieved great expertise and outreach for digital marketing of high quality products.

[1] The Huawei device global privacy compliance framework complies with Generally Accepted Privacy Principle (GAPPs) released by the AICPA/CICA, the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as local laws and regulations around the world. Since the ISO/IEC27001 and CSA Star security certification obtained in 2015 and ISO /IEC 27018 privacy standard certification received in October 2019, HMS was one of the first to pass the ISO/IEC 27701 certification issued by British Standards Institution (BSI), making it a leader in security management, transparency and privacy compliance for personal data.