10 reasons to download Likee

Social media is influencing every aspect of our personal as well as professional life these days. From communication to entertainment, from business marketing to personal selling, everything these days happens through these digital platforms. Moreover, this extensively functional world keeps evolving constantly. Today, short videos have become the center of attention for audiences around the globe because they can be so much more.

Likee is one application that offers its users a unique short video creation and viewing experience. At the same time, it is good for a host of other extremely exciting opportunities. Here are ten reasons why you must have Likee on your phone.

1. An outlet for a variety of creative potential:

Pakistan is a country where the youth have enormous potential. From fields like arts to music and comedy as well as a lot more besides. However, many a times, individuals find it hard to get access to platforms where they can truly express themselves. Likee offers just the solution for these people. Not even that, if you think there is anything that you want to express and you have a creative knack within you, Likee gives you an open field to perform and raise your voice in.

2. A simple and fun platform for audiences:

Likee caters to people on both sides of the performance. Where this is opportunity for creators to unleash their potential, there is loads of content on a wide variety of genres for the audiences to enjoy. There is a lot for people to watch and enjoy which can let them not only spend their time in an entertaining way but also helps them enjoy or even learn something new.

3. A platform to provide entrepreneurship opportunities:

The power of social media today is that it is open to each and every one across the globe. These digital platforms have made establishing a business without any resources an extremely simple task. Likee takes it a step further by adding its own vibrant twist to the whole concept of entrepreneurship. With this application, people have the ability to earn money through paid partnerships and collaborations on their videos from a variety of brands across the country.

4. At Likee, collaboration breeds inspiration:

Likee is growing at an exceptional rate across Pakistan with downloads witnessing significant growth. Numerous brands and other service providers are now turning to the platform in order to market their offerings. The app is soon going to be everywhere and it is already becoming a hub for various collaborations. It is an amazing way to link up with and come to know other people or creators. This helps you find inspiration creating an effective chain reaction from having the Likee app on your phone. 

5. Provides a voice for various social causes:

It’s not all fun and games. The impact that Likee has and wishes to create is much more profound. It offers people not just to showcase their creative potential but also gives them the floor to speak about a number of social causes. If something is close to your heart and you believe that putting the word out can make a difference, Likee will help you do that to a user base which is fast spreading throughout the nation.

6. Has something for all ages:

Likee is one platform that doesn’t place any restrictions on the ages to which its respective content can cater to. From kids to adults and even senior citizens, there is always something on the app that everyone can enjoy equally. Light comedy videos, musical cover, art demonstrations, pranks, awareness about social causes and a lot more besides can all be found on the app.

7. At Likee, creativity knows no bounds:

Likee offers an extensive array of creative features that can allow even the most ordinary photos or videos to stand out. The application offers simple features like photo and background editing coupled with more advanced ones like an AI filter that adapts to user preferences over time. And that’s not all. Not just photos but videos can also be extensively edited with emotions, expressions and backgrounds all having the ability to change. With all these features, there are absolutely no limits to what users can create.

8. It gives an opportunity to be part of a wonderful community:

The idea behind social media has always been to take communities online so that they can become global. Likee is no different as it enables people from across the country to become a part of diverse communities brought together by a common cause. Both audiences and creators have the opportunity with this application to connect and interact with members of various communities that have been formed to promote a particular purpose.

9. A place to find new friends:

What fun is it being on a social platform if you don’t find and meet new people. In Likee, you meet them in a fun and creative way because the only content that exists on the platform are short videos. These clips can show us a lot about the other person and the naturally spark the urge in us to drop them a message or comment with the hopes of potentially finding a new friend and more experiences.

10. Go live to interact with your followers, seek advice or just for the fun of it:

One of the features that set Likee apart is the feature for creators or users in general to go live for their followers. Going live can also entail so much more like reaching out for advice or consultations for matters of importance. It can also help people find solutions to various small or even larger problems that wouldn’t be possible to be solved alone.

Likee has garnered a lot of attention in the short time span that it has launched in Pakistan. It is slowly but surely rising to prominence in several ways. On top of that, the benefits it offers are extensive enough for everyone to come under it. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and download Likee if you haven’t already.