Italian Footwear Styles — Ultimate Guide of Men's Shoes in Pakistan

Research shows that you are judged by your footwear while meeting someone for the first time. When you go out in public, along with your mannerisms, hair, personality, and clothes—people notice the sense of footwear as well. No matter where you are going, the Italian shoe style should be your top priority in Pakistan.

Do you know? During a job interview, the recruiter might reject you based on your shoes. Footwear is arguably the most important thing which completes and enhances your whole attire. Whether it is your first interview, a date, or a casual meeting, you will drown when you glance at your shoes. 

You might not be able to decide which shoes go perfectly well with different kinds of dressing. Do not worry, we have got you covered! Shoe shopping is indeed overwhelming, and for some, it is the most dreadful thing to do. Let’s learn about the seven Italian footwear styles offered by top brands in Pakistan that every man should own. 

  1. The Suede Loafer:

Some people associate loafers with a loaf of bread based on the shape of the loafers. However, loafers are the classiest type of shoe a man can carry. Also, the loafer invention has no connection with the preppy Ivy League and the loaf of bread. It is a general name. Recently, loafers are trending, and you can find them in both casual and formal variety. 

Loafers were invented in the early 1930s. A Norwegian—Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. He made a combination of Aurland shoes with traditional fisherman’s slip-on and made loafers with the famous American cobbler G.H. Bass.

Ever since the loafer came into being, it has gone into many changes and phases. The complete diamond-shaped cut-out now comes with tassels and variations. However, leather is the most recommended choice, but soft-suede is also a versatile option.

Things to look for?

Suede loafers look aesthetically modern and go well with a tailor attire. Also, it can be worn with and without socks. If you want a summer look, wear them without socks. Moreover, for a casual style, go for suede penny loafer in dark brown or tan color. Besides, you can also wear them with slim-fitted jeans and chinos.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Gucci, Givenchy, EG

Reasonable: GH Bass, H&M, and Zara

Premium: Charles Tyrwhitt, Brookes, Reiss. 

  1. The Black Leather Oxford:

There is no such thing as ‘Perfect shoes.’ Many varieties, designs, materials and every attire have different conducts for a shoe type. However, if you are wearing a suit or carrying any fashion which involves suiting—get the black leather oxford shoes.

The classy name also represents the exquisiteness you feel by wearing these shoes. It is a closed-lace shoe made out of leather. The snug fit and clean finished look will make you look extravagant.

Things to look for?

You cannot wear oxford shoes with every other attire. They can be worn with grey and black formal trousers. However, get the right shape that can complement your dressing. Not too pointy and not too round. A nice almond-shaped leather oxford looks perfect with formal suiting.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Gucci, John Lobb, George Cleverly.

Reasonable: Aldo, Clarks, Topman

Premium: Crew, Kenneth Cole

  1. Chelsea Boots:

Looking for something ever-green and classic? Chelsea boots will serve the purpose. They have been in the game for the last mid-19th century. Ever since they came—they have remained classic. They go well with any kind of attire. One cannot ever get bored of Chelsea boots.

They are designed exclusively by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker (J.Sparkes-Hall). Originally they were designed as an alternative to riding boots.

Things to look for?

Yes, Chelsea boots go with almost everything, but it does not mean that you can wear it every other time. They go perfectly well with the jeans and tailored slim fit trousers with a crop. However, if you are wearing it with suits, make sure that it complements the color.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Saint Laurent, Crockett and Jones

Reasonable: ASOS, H&M, M&S

Premium: Dr. Martens, Dune

  1. Lace-Up Boots:

Lace-up boots are a classic addition to your wardrobe. They look robust and enhance the charm of the personality. Whether it is feet of soldiers, farmers of any type—lace-up boots give a different meaning and look. Moreover, lace-up boots’ life span is pretty durable and long-lasting, especially when you buy from a high-end brand.

Things to look for?

Make sure that you buy a soft and comfortable pair, or else your feet will hurt. Also, the workwear theme goes exceptionally well with these shoes. Narrow cut and rolled up trousers look exquisite with lace-up boots.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Grenson, Moncler, Cheaney

Reasonable: Clarks, Dune, John Lewis

Premium: Dr.Martens, Oliver Sweeney

  1. The Brown Leather Brogue:

It may sound like some dance class or shoes related to dancing. The brown leather brogues come in a variety, and they are incredibly different from the other types. The word, Brogue comes from broguing and holds a good name in the world of shoes.

Things to look for?

Brogues give a true classic and stunning look. According to us, every wardrobe must have a pair of brogues. Moreover, go for round toe on a chunky sole with jeans. Also, almond-shaped can be a pretty good choice to go with a suit. Go for darker colors such as brown or classic tan colors.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Thome Browne, Church’s, Trickers.

Reasonable: River Island, Dune, M&S

Premium: Oliver Swennery, Paul Smith, Ted Baker

  1. Leather low-top:

White leather low-tops are trending these days due to the slick style. Moreover, this style is also endorsed by Stan Smith. The low-tops were introduced in the early 1960s, and since then, they have been every man’s favorite.

Things to look for?

To be honest, they go with almost everything. But, if you are wearing a white outfit, there should be no other option than white low-tops. Avoid wearing them with raw denim as the color can fade.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Gucci, Givenchy, Tom Ford

Reasonable: Nike, Adidas, Superga

Premium: Common projects, Grenson, Polo Ralph Lauren

  1. Retro-Trainers:

Run with style! Retro trainers allow you to look extraordinarily extravagant and fresh while exercising and running. Also, they are not just running or gyming; you can do so much more with these pairs of shoes. Bold, colorful. They are everything that you want in terms of sneakers.

Things to look for?

Retro sneakers are comfortable and look impressive as well. Moreover, worn best with denim and classic T-shirt.

Suggested Brands:

Luxury: Prada, Balenciaga, Veja

Reasonable: Vans, Superga, Novesta

Premium: Nike, Adidas, Rebook

Expert Shoe Care Tips:

Many people complain that their shoes do not last. Well, everything needs maintenance and care. Listing down a couple of tips that will help you in increasing the life-span.

  1. Polish:

Make sure that you are buying a good shoe-polish brand, or else the material will diminish with time.

  1. Increase Durability:

Use shoe-conditioner after every six-eight months on your shoes. Give them some attention and cleaning.

  1. Protection:

Whenever you are storing your shoes, use a hydrophobic spray in that area.

  1. Cleanliness:

After coming back and before storing your shoes, wipe off the dirt.