Huawei Public Cloud aids CMPak make Next-Generation Digital Solutions in Pakistan

China Mobile Pakistan subsidiary CMPak and Huawei Technologies Pakistan held a signing ceremony in Islamabad on public cloud cooperation, and officially announced that it became the official partner of Huawei public cloud in Pakistan. The release of the public cloud partnership further strengthens the cooperation between CMPak and Huawei Technologies Pakistan in industry digitalization, which was jointly announced at the event.

In recent years, the government of Pakistan has put forward the vision of building a digital Pakistan, including network connectivity, digital infrastructure, e-government, digital skills, and innovative entrepreneurship. It advocates the improvement of city management through digitalization. By 2025, the contribution of the digital economy to the GDP of the entire country will increase from the current 3.9% to 13%. Under this trend, enterprises in various industries will transform their IT infrastructures and gradually evolve their IT services to high efficiency, intelligence, and flexibility.

Enterprises only need to focus on business domains rather than infrastructure planning (computing, network, storage, security, and O&M). The cooperation between CMPak and HUAWEI CLOUD not only adapts to the current trend, but also helps enterprises better enable digital transformation.

“This partnership is unique. Huawei has strong public cloud strength, and CMPAK has wide range of connections and enterprise customer coverage in Pakistan. This strong alliance will make full use of the joint advantage of both parties to accelerate the digital transformation of Pakistani enterprise customers.” said Mr. Gao Weijie, Deputy CEO of Huawei Technologies Pakistan (Private) Ltd.

“As digital and start-ups are at the forefront of Pakistan’s market, bringing the most innovative, reliable and affordable public cloud solutions to local enterprises and the public sector will bring digital convenience to SMEs and public sector companies”, said Mr. Farooq Raza, Director of CMPak Govt. & Corporate Sales.

As a leading mobile operator in Pakistan’s 4G network field, CMPak has dedicated to provide high-value private lines for enterprise customers and build a leading network architecture. Currently, Huawei is one of the world-class cloud service providers. It provides more than 220 cloud services and multiple zones at very affordable prices. This enables public and private enterprises to obtain the required cloud services in an innovative, agile, and reliable manner and provide the best services for target markets.

The signing between Huawei and CMPak will further deepen the strategic cooperation between the two companies in the ICT field. In the future, they will jointly build a digital service enablement platform based on the synergy of cloud and network, which will serve vertical industries such as start-ups, governments, banks, education, and the private sector in order to contribute to the economic prosperity of the region.