Winds of Baltoro – Race to Baltoro Glacier

After publishing critically acclaimed comic book series, audio books and producing a children’s TV show, AzCorp Entertainment is now all set to dive into a highly lucrative and competitive board-game publishing industry, a market which is currently valued over $11 billion globally with an expected growth rate of 13% year over year.

It will be interesting to see how the board-game market which is often inspired by the Greek and Nordic my thologies, will react to a South Asian post-apocalyptic world with jinns and heroes from this part of the world. The board-game is being launched exclusively on Kick starter for only 30 days with 15% discounts being offered to buyers in their first 24hrs of launch, which is on OCTOBER 12, 2021 at 10pm Pakistan Standard Time (1pm Eastern Standard Time)To register all you need to do is click on their campaign preview link and push ‘Notify me on launch’ button and you will receive an email as the campaign goes live.

Set in the Baltoro Glacier of Pakistan, this fast-paced board-game is designed for 2-4 players, where they must guide their factions around the board, avoiding obstacles and resolving clashes with the other factions in order to be the first to enter the Baltoro Glacier. Each faction comes with a leader and three warriors, with their respective strength and vulnerabilities. Who’s your favourite faction? Who will win the race to the Baltoro Glacier?

‘Winds of Baltoro – Race to Baltoro Glacier’ is a board-game developed by Stephan Nilson, writer of some of the best-selling comic book series, such as Batman Strikes, Batman Legos, Justice League Unlimited, Smallville, Atomik Mike, and The Pound. He is currently the SVP – Creative Development for AzCorp Entertainment. We reached out to Stephan, who is based out of Florida and this is what he has to say.

Stephan NilsonI was excited when Jawad and Imran brought me into AzCorp Entertainment to help develop IPs for markets outside the South Asian borders, but that excitement only grew when I discovered Winds of Baltoro in the company’s library. The moment I saw the source materials; the rich story, world-building, and deep line-up of characters, I knew this was the perfect backdrop for gaming. Working with amazingly talented designers and artists over the past year has been one of the most thrilling experiences in my life. I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy playing this game with their family and friends and build on the next chapter of Winds of Baltoro.

One of the best experiences while working on the Winds of Baltoro: Race to Baltoro Glacier board game, was the opportunity to be exposed to and learn about new people and cultures that I may have never discovered if I wasn’t working on this project. This allowed us to design a fast-pasted, action-themed board game with incredibly well-developed characters with rich backgrounds that will have people wanting to play different characters every time.” Stephan Nilson – Board Game Developer & SVP Creative Development – AzCorp Entertainment.

The standard board-game comes with a gameboard, 108 events-cards, 16 character-cards and 16 character-standees.

As If this was not enough, you will have an option to include the ‘ADD-ON’of 16 pieces of beautifully sculpted characters from all the four factions, a must have for sure!

Apart from this there will be exclusive Collector’s Edition of original character art from Karl Waller and corresponding 6 inches tall sculpted character figures which will be offered only during the campaign on #Kickstarter.

Winds of Baltoro – Race to Baltoro Glacier’ is based on the Winds of Baltoro universe created by Imran Azhar and developed by Zarrar Khuhro and follows the adventures of heroes and villains across the land as they learn the truth of what happened and try to stop it from happening again. From the ancient ruins of Moen-jo-Daro, where Jinns now walk to the mutant-haunted wastelands and corpse cities, this is an epic story of sorcery and science, of madness and magic, where allies become enemies and nothing and no one is quite what they appear to be.

Imran AzharWhat really excites me about this game is the fact that now the board gaming community across the globe will be able to enjoy and play with characters and heroes, which represent multi-layered cultures and urban legends which are rich, intense and deeply rooted within our region. I cannot thank enough Stephan for his vision, our amazing pool of talented creatives behind this project and Jawad Qureshi, our early stage investor and my long-time advisor’. Imran Azhar – Creator and Founder/CEO – AzCorp Entertainment

The board-game development, game mechanics, testing, designing and prototyping took over a year and involved over a dozen of cross-continental creatives to bring this to life.

Jawad QureshiI met Imran to discuss investment into a Pakistani entertainment company, and I knew immediately that there was something special about the company and what they were doing there. The characters they have developed, from their children’s titles to YA stories, could reach and have a lasting effect on a global audience. I knew that table-top gaming would be obvious evolution for their IPs and that Winds of Baltoro was the perfect vehicle to make that happen.” Jawad Qureshi – Early Stage Investor & Advisor – AzCorp Entertainment

An award-winning executive producer of films, Jawad Qureshi is a silicon-valley based investor and advisor of several tech start-ups, real estate ventures and entertainment companies including After Shock Comics and Deep North Inc.